The Chalupa Wagon Is Open!

We’re back in business, and Bufalo Evan is serving up the best damn chalupas south of the Arctic Circle. Bufalo Bob did leave her with his secret recipes, so if you have a hankering for a chalupa, have no fear. Just drop on by the wagon and pick out a few. We’re loving our new [...]

Bob’s Wake

On Saturday at 10:30, a WAKE was attended by friends and family.  It was hosted by the Center For Spiritual Living  in south Austin. Bob’s brother and sister flew in from the frozen north to attend the event.  There were around 50 people in attendance, from all walks of life.  We were all given the [...]

Let’s Form a Protective Circle Around Evan

Bufalo Evan, Bob’s wife, is going to need our support in the coming weeks and months.  Your prayers and words of encouragement are always welcome, and if you want to do this, please comment on this or any other post and they will be put on the site promptly. However, if you live in the [...]


Bufalo Bob Has Passed Away.

On Friday, Feb. 1, 2014, Bob died of a heart attack.  The attack came on suddenly in the morning and he was rushed to St. Davids Hospital, where he went into surgery immediately.  However, the damage was too great. After hours of surgery, he never recovered, and made the transition at around 9:30 PM.  Remember [...]

Brett Reeves, singer songwriter, part time pirate

Brett Reeves

Brett is one of a kind.  His raucous, saucy lyrics backed up by staccato guitar licks with lots of bends and flourishes. Lots of fun!  

Micah Paredes Band

Micah Paredes Band

Micah and his band harken back to the early days of Bob Dylan, Country Joe McDonald, and Alice’s Restaurant, where you could get anything you want.  Except chalupas.  For that, you have to come to Bufalo Bobs.

Hogan Sullivan and his 4 piece band played under the stars at Bufalo Bob's

Hogan Sullivan Band

Hogan Sullivan has a whimsical style that is humorous and casual.  His cyclical chord progressions are sometimes hypnotic and sometimes just plain fun.  If you’d like more information about this up and coming artist, call Bufalo Bob, or check Hogan’s facebook page.  

KVUE News interview…

by JIM BERGAMO / KVUE News and photojournalist JOHN GUSKY Bio | Email | Follow: @JimB_KVUE Posted on April 12, 2013 at 5:26 PM Updated April 11, at 5:41 PM AUSTIN — Last year, the mayor’s Healthy Fitness Counsel sponsored an Austin Chef’s Showdown. Fifteen restaurants and one food trailer participated. The food trailer’s performance caught of [...]


A Short Film About Bob

An enterprising film student made this short documentary about Bufalo Bob:


Straight From The Bufalo

A recent interview from .